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Essay on Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness

The Tragic Fall in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness     In Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Conrad Heart of Darkness, the role of Africa is intertwined. It's regarded as extremely primitive and the African's belief system is belittled. The two heroes in the novels also are extremely similar, and most notably in one facet. They encounter a downfall. This is a vital theme throughout both novels. Aristotle would say it's the collapse of 2 "tragic heroes". But, even though these two personalities share these comparable incidences, the readers are given several different perceptions of one occasion. The colonization of the Europeans paid a hefty toll on the Africans and their lifestyle. The Europeans are always portrayed at the outsiders. Okonkwo is also quite familiar with Africa, however Marlow wasn't. In his eyes, the Africans are seen as the outsiders. Okonkwo's father, Unoka, was regarded as an individual who was really lazy and that made no contribution to their society. This made Okonkwo hate him and any trait of any type that correlated with that of his dad. 1 way that this is displayed is that "Okonkwo never showed emotion publicly, unless it be the emotion of anger. To show emotion was a sign of weakness, the only thing worth demonstrating was strength" (Achebe 28). Okonkwo's greatest weakness was fear, yet this a contradiction in it's own terms. His fear of fear played such a huge portion of his adult life it came back to haunt him. He never wanted to be considered a victim. However, ironically, he had been just setting himself around self-destruction and catastrophe. Due to fear, it compels him pull his machete and strike a blow, first killing Ikemefuna and after the Court Messenger. Eventually, this drives him to be abus...

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