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Essay on The Power of Three in Successful Teaching and Learning Procedure

Today's education aims to enable young generation to develop their potential as individuals and to make them accountable for decisions making to the 21st century. Today we needs youth that are adaptive, innovative, and proactive --they could resolve problems, make decisions, believe incredibly, communicate ideas effectively and work effectively as individual as well as within groups. It is now widely accepted that young men and women need to have opportunities to develop own skills and powerful soft skills as part of the well-rounded improvement. The 'understanding of knowledge' is not enough to teach in the classroom. The power of three will offer teachers the opportunity to develop their pupils' skills and capabilities parallel with knowledge and comprehension. It is hoped that this strategy will actively engage pupils in their learning, making the learning relevant, inspirational and enjoyable experience. What's more, teachers will have opportunities to develop their particular skills as creative program developers. The Power of Three' concept is not to be an ultimate source, but one that offers practical advice to teachers on various of methods which they might wish to incorporate in their daily learning and learning process. It's expected that teachers will find it a very helpful tool in planning and producing an interesting, inspiring, ambitious and focused atmosphere for both the students and themselves. II. WHAT DOES 'THE POWER OF THREE' MEAN? The teaching has changed dramatically during the last few years. A new creation has entered instruction; a generation has different expectations than earlier generations. A number of these teachers look to teaching with excitement that will enable them to assume new leadership roles without even le...

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