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Essay About The Dark Side of Social Media

Imagine attempting to work properly on four hours or less of sleep every evening. Envision a straight "A" student who just received their initial "F" on a report card. Imagine sitting at sixth stage anxiously watching the clock tick, waiting to bolt from class to go home and curl up facing a 1 inch PC screen to log onto. Imagine private insecurities escalating to the point where end life seems like a viable option of escape from the cruel reality of the planet. These are just a few toxic effects that some experience with social networking sites like facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. Many teenagers use these websites each day, hourly, and in certain severe cases, even minutely. A 2009 study rated Facebook the most-used social media service by global monthly active users. Since the public is much more apt to be exposed to this positive, fun side of social networking, many users are completely oblivious to the several dangers that lurk inside the networks' pages. Of course, positive effects on responsible social networking use exist. By way of example, Facebook makes keeping in contact with friends and family who reside in another state or country easier and cheaper than calling them on the phone. Users can see photo albums as well as status posts on everybody's well-being. Get-togethers, sporting events, and other events are simpler to plan and spread the word on Facebook and Myspace. Instead of going through the frustration of purchasing and addressing several invitations and worrying about the invites arriving on time, an individual can create one invite and send it to over one-thousand people within a matter of seconds. According to an editorial on Facebook dangers, "These kinds of sites,..., are a m.. .

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Living country
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