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Destiny vs. Free Can in Isaac Asimov's Writings Essays

People have debated about free fate and can for a large number of years. Alexander the fantastic once said, "Upon the conduct of every depends the fate of most." Roman poet Virgil had taken an opposite watch stating, "Wherever the fates lead us why don't we follow." You might expect a great writer of science fiction, a genre filled up with futuristic happenings predicated on reason and logic, to have a stand upon this presssing issue aswell. Isaac Asimov shows through his short stories "Nightfall," "Reason," and "The Evitable Conflict," an individual cannot alter his race's destiny no matter free will's existence. In another of Asimov’s earliest and most-loved parts, “Nightfall,” the theme of man's inability to improve the future, with the present of free will even, is very very clear. Asimov rejects the age-old adage that “those that cannot remember days gone by are condemned to replicate it.” Instead, he emanates an over-all tone that those that do know background are doomed to replicate it even, as evidenced by the events and folks of Lagash. The actions of the folks of Lagash undoubtedly show they have free will. The reactions of the characters to different events and the various beliefs of the characters are illustrates this. For instance, at the start of the story, when the primary personality, Theremon 762, convinces the director of Saro University, Aton 77, to permit him to remain at the survey and university on the forthcoming events. Aton slowly gives in during the period of their discussion: “‘You may leave,’ [Aton 77] snapped over his shoulder.” he replies Later, “Since your buddy Beenay insists therefore urgently, I will provide you with five minutes. Talk away.” Immediately after he concedes: “You might stay if you want, then” (Asimov, “Nightfall” 379-381)...

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