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Article on Green Marketing and CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of the most recognized aspects on earth today since companies' standing is judged from its own CSR policiescaliber of its products and services and competitiveness. Many writers link CSR with ethical conducts in businesses. Many writers consequently supply related definitions for both CSR and integrity. Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as continuing commitment to ethical conduct, to supply and contribute to high living standards of their society by facilitating economic progress and improving the standards of living of the employees together with their families, their culture and community at large ( 2011). Green Marketing on the other hand relates to production and production of products that are environmental friendly, and their packaging must also be environmental friendly or rather the products should have environmental benefits ( 2011). Businesses started utilizing this policy following Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and governments started insisting and pressurizing businesses to market only the goods that are environmental friendly because of reaction to increasing rates of global warming and pollution. It was also brought on by the higher awareness by customers and people in general. People started assessing environmental friendly products due to the increasing danger of global warming which has already influenced some nations like Baghdad from the Middle East. However, lots of organizations are known to speak and implicate they're selling environmental friendly goods but also in practice they aren't. According to Fortune Magazine, BP Africa is among the top 500 companies using the greenest products. Fortune magazine claims BP Oil Company has been the primary Oil.

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