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Parent Child Romantic relationship in Greek Mythology Essay

It is certainly inferred that the parents should care for their children and also have their best interest in mind. This however, isn't the case in Greek and Roman mythology. The killing of types own children, or filicide, had not been considered negative upon within their era. The modern times comparison with the ancient greek language and Roman’s since it was justified to make use of any means essential to get yourself a higher status. The Romans and Greeks valued keeping a higher social popularity and having respect for all those of great power. The motherly union between their children conflict with the truth that the daddy strives to retain or gain control. These circumstances result in a tense bond between your known family. The strained parent to child relationship in Greco-Roman myths is prevalent in the actual fact that the parents are fearful to be overtaken by their children, and try to limit their upbringing. In a society where social position was essential for having an effective family, the Greek and Roman households struggled with each other internally. This continuous conflict is due to the father’s desire to have control and the society’s high keeping power. In the Greek myth Persephone and Demeter, Zeus’s curiosity for his selfish benefits prompts him to “ ( provide ) Persephone to god, the father of Dead to be his queen “ ( Rosenberg Demeter 96). Zeus will not request Persephone nor Demeter, his much loved wife, presenting that he will not show any opinions on the feelings. Although Zeus the truth is just wished to have a robust family with the help of Hades, his like for power overrode his like for his family members and created a pressure between the other people and him. In another Greek myth, Jason and the Golden Fleece, displays man’s like for supremacy through.

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