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Social System in Gabriel Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Albert Camus's The Stranger

Social System at Gabriel Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Albert Camus's The Stranger "Like father, like son" the old expression goes. And naturally this can be so, for if a parent lacks morals, then logically the youngster will also. Just as parents shape their children, authority figures shape their societies. Authority figures have good influence on the common folks, for if they act in dishonest or deceitful ways, the society considers it acceptable to do the same. Such reflections between authority figures and society are observed throughout Gabriel Marquez's Chronicle of a Death Foretold and Albert Camus's The Stranger. With societies constantly looking to power figures for advice, Marquez and Camus satirically depict folly in the actions of their leaders so as to conquer the social system and reveal the accepted selfishness that's represented by the folks. In order to totally understand the manner in which authority figures activities become reflected in society, a reader must observe the social network through the eyes of the narrator. Marquez starts Chronicle of A Death Foretold by establishing the city to appear very religious. The novel commences with all the townspeople thoroughly preparing for the yearly arrival of the bishop. The entire town arranges for his arrival, bringing him several presents and creatures. Even though Marquez establishes the town as consumed in spiritual dedication, a reader must analyze the thoughts of the townspeople so as to genuinely comprehend the society. The individuals of this community make elaborate preparations, to not show their religious dedication, but to gain their private selves. Every person concerns themselves with getting a blessing from the bishop. The people appear to be...

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