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Commentary on Old Major's Speech

Commentary on Old Major's Speech Old Major's speech has been directed into the animals. It was all about over throwing the guy and the creatures should take over. It was all a rebellion. In this short essay I will explain the persuasive techniques employed by Old Major to convince his fellow critters to follow his dreams. I'll include quotes and other crucial features used by Orwell. The principal part of his speech is on his fantasy. Old Major the 'Middle White Boar' chooses the location and the time to make his speech very carefully. From this we can infer he has taken his time to analyse effective techniques utilized by other famous speakers from the past. In addition Old Major has a title which is he was a trophy to Mr. Jones. Also his appearance was revealing. He had a benevolent look along with his tushes where cut. Orwell describes how well Old Major had put himself 'a kind of raised platform' He did so in order to provide the speaker (Old Major) prominence, to make him look larger and more important so that the farmyard animals would believe he was a person who needs to be listened to with respect. Another important feature to do with persuasion was that Orwell says Old Major was 'ensconced on his bed of straw, under a lantern which hung from a beam' This usually means that Old Major was in the mild and the crowd was in the dark. He also was more comfy than the remaining creatures because he had been put on straw. This meant he was well respected. Old Major had arranged his speech in the day because this is when people are more suggestible to persuasion. George Orwell makes Old Major talk after ...

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