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My Life May Walk for an Episode of Sex in the City Essay

I have watched a lot of episodes of Sex in the City which somehow my life right now could pass to get an incident of that renowned T.V show that all of us went mad about in the 90's. I hate to admit this but...of all the femme fatales,in that show that I have that the likings to function as only mid 30's heroine, the infamous Sex Columnist of the New York Times who has that fixation for Mahnolo's and Choo's and the "should have accessory each and every woman needs to have". BIG!!! (the persona that never seem to leave Carrie Bradshaw's mind the moment the story-line was conceived from the talented Candace Bushnell). Honestly, I am not really that mad about Sex in the City but unfortunately its the one thing I could associate with life right now like the author wrote the narrative for me even before the events happened in my entire life. So if we were to name this incident of that T.V show it would be? ." Doug ja Boo? (de ja vu). The plot might not be exactly like Ms.Bradhaws' but following is a gist.... An artist working at the accounting section, single -girl inside her double 3? And enjoy heroine Carrie,also have 25+ pair of shoes...and also the shadow of " Mr. Big " lurking into the picture. Flash back seven months back...December of 2006 couple of days prior to Christmas...I believed that he was a Christmas gift from God or as astrologers in early times could stars were lining up the day...It was a dark, cold winter morning I had been crossing 5th Street just like I used to do each morning.a ordinary looking man asked me out for coffee..."My Big" is not anything like drop-dead-gorgeous-hunk of guy, but it is possible to say that he stood tall and also have this crazy blue eyes that were always smiling...the eyes captured me and I was hooked. At that moment in my life, I had been going throug...

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