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Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel García Márquez Essay

When I read Chronicle of a Death Foretold, I didn't pay careful attention to the deflating of authority with the characters Poncio Vicario, Colonel Aponte, and Father Amador. After listening to these presentations, everything made more sense. The real thickness of this Vicario brothers' risk to kill Santiago fails to be recognized by people in authority. The most admired officer of the city, Colonel Aponte, does little to avoid the murder and fails to maintain the honor he has been charged with protecting. Rather than letting Santiago Nasar know more about the murder plot against him, the Colonel goes back into his game of dominos at the social club. In addition "Colonel Lazaro Aponte, who had witnessed and caused a lot of repressive massacres, becomes a vegetarian in addition to a spiritualist" (Garcia Márquez 6). The punishment for his neglect contributes to him eating liver for breakfast. Through the demonstrations, I made a link with Poncio Vicario in the wedding party. Page 44 at the work describes the older guy at the celebration. "Really, the most intense image that I have always held of that unwelcome Sunday was that of old Poncio Vicario sitting alone of a stool in the middle of the yard. They had placed him there thinking perhaps that it had been the seat of honor." When a kid of a household becomes married, the father feels happiness and joy. Contradictory to this, Poncio Vicario is clarified on the lines of becoming blind and powerless man, deprived of control and influence. The work proceeds to incorporate the deflating of power by introducing Father Amador. Father Amador attended medical college for a couple of years and plays the autopsy on Santiago Nasar. Page 76 at the work clarifies the after effects of this autopsy. "They gave us back a.

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