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Essay Comparing Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Mill on the Floss

George Sand composed of Stowe's personality in Uncle Tom's Cabin, "We should feel that genius is heart, that ability is faith, that talent is sincerity, and finally, success is sympathy" (Fields, Ed., 154). Religion, sincerity, and sympathy are the overarching story tones Stowe strikes in the publication and are the feelings she wants to awaken in her viewers. Sympathy is likewise what Eliot wishes to wake up in her readers in relating Maggie Tulliver's dreadful life. The two Uncle Tom's Cabin and The Mill on the Floss utilize religious themes to accomplish these aims. All points out the hypocrisy of traditional religious sentiments, highlights sincere religious thoughts in just a few select people, and compares its distress hero/heroine to Christ the martyr. By casting their narratives in familiar spiritual paradigms, the authors ably strike deepest into the hearts of their readers, impressing them with the tragedy of the situations they describe. Spiritual authority and conventional Christian topics play a main role in Uncle Tom's Cabin. As part of the nineteenth century wave of American Protestantism where social behavior and religious regeneration were regarded as interdependent (Reynolds, 81), Stowe believed the novel was an "errand of mercy," by calling for an improvement in human welfare and humanitarian reform (Crim, Ed., 583). She contrasted the social network of slavery, which corrupted the owners, oppressed the innocent, and undermined American democratic ideals, with a theological system based on empathy, mercy, and "brotherly" love. And this theological viewpoint is presented as the higher moral authority, one that any true believer can't fail to comprehend and obey. The publication is both a.. .

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