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Teaching Philosophy Statement Essay example

Teaching Philosophy Statement Most teachers as soon as they begin teaching rarely consider what doctrine they follow, or how they teach. It is like second nature. A comparison can be drawn from the act of reading. A person does not think about how they read, they simply read. Teaching is exactly the same. The teacher brings up lesson plans and such, being what they teach, but how to teach the lesson is usually not at the forefront of their thought, particularly for experienced educators. This just comes naturally. The underlying philosophy of how to instruct is always within the instructor's method however transparent it may become to the teacher over years of teaching. This process works is like spreading butter on a piece of bread. Philosophy is just like the butter that you use, it could be diverse. A spoon, spatula, or even a finger could be utilized to spread the butter and they all get the work done, just in a different manner. However, the butter and the bread remain constant; they're the teaching material and students respectively. The great majority of teachers don't choose to use 1 utensil exclusively, they rather use a knife occasionally, a spoon others, or even a finger in need. Most teachers follow a conglomerate of bits and pieces of all the philosophies. This is a very effective strategy because most students can learn, irrespective of their learning style. The instructor that unites these approaches to a single successful teaching style practices eclecticism. This is my doctrine of the classroom. I believe that every one of the philosophies have different merits when applied correctly. Also I believe that certain pupils respond better to certain philosophies of teaching. Jim may disdain all stuff that he d.. .

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