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Gangs, Belonging, and Acceptance Essay

Gangs, Belonging, and Acceptance A 12-year-old boy comes home from school. He enters his house through the front door and notices his mommy. There is blood to the tissue she is holding. The boy starts to ask his mother why she is crying when he understands what has happened. She replies his silent inquiry regarding why, by quietly saying, "your daddy... he's on the rear porch... he's had a terrible moment." Feeling helpless he moves to his room. From his window he could see his father taking from the final swallow of beer and yelling, loud enough for your neighbors to hear, "Hey, bring me another beer. And where is that unworthy kid of yours? He was supposed to mow the yard yesterday." The boy, having seen that too many times before, leaves the house the way he arrived in. Two blocks down the street he is approached by a gang member; and unceremoniously another kid on the cube has determined that gangs have something he needs; a since of belonging, approval. The gang becomes his family. This story is fiction, but fits the dynamics of a family system which supplies the gangs with its members. Gang-member families differ from non-gang-member families concerning quality of family interaction, supervision and discipline, household affection patterns, along with maternal attitudes toward men. Non-gang member's households are more likely to head out jointly, are more inclined to be consistent in their field, and therefore are more likely to exhibit their feelings openly from the family. The mothers of gang members described their husbands as rarely involved in the family's activities. They also had more negative attitudes toward their husbands (Adler,Ovando, and Hocevar, 1984). The group member isn't the only one effected once he starts his life at a gang. He p.. .

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