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Essay about Planning a Wedding

Arranging a Wedding It seems like just yesterday my sister and I, adorned in lace and blossoms, were playing house and rehearsing imaginary wedding vows. The past twenty-one years appear like a whirlwind and each day keeps coming faster and faster. The big day is no longer a dream; my marriage is just five months away. What do I still have to make this occasion as unique as I've needed it to be for over half of my life? There are so many things put into a wedding, and efficient planning is extremely important. I hope to give as much information on some of the things which were the very important while I have been planning my wedding. Many important things are achieved in the past couple of months, but many significant tasks still need to get performed between now and July 10th. Being a bride involves many responsibilities and priorities that must be balanced. I have learned lots of lessons and experiences while planning for my marriage. Adding to the challenge is the fact that I am a faculty student-athlete and has to balance the wedding planning between college and running (practice, competition and traveling), in addition to being hours away from home, which makes it harder to plan sufficiently. Arranging a wedding would be easier the next time round, but marriage is a commitment that I intend to honor "until death do us part." With the knowledge I have accumulated while preparing for my marriage, I intend to provide advice to brides, and possibly grooms, that might be quite beneficial in planning their ideal wedding. One of the initial things that I would recommend is to maintain the bond that has been established between you and your fiancé. Weddings often become a manufacturing rather of exactly what it was intended: a.. .

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