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Anna Kingsley Essay

Anna Kingsley, a woman of strength and conviction overcame many chances not due to an African American slave. She also married a slave operator, owned property, and was once a slave herself. She was well known in a free black community she helped set. Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley was the wife of plantation owner Zephaniah Kingsley. She had been the daughter of a man of high status. Her dad sides were descendants of those well know Njaajan Njaay, the creators of this Jolof Empire. Her dad was killed in April 1806, the day she had been seized. Even the tyeddo warriors invaded her village and then collected all of the villagers to be sold as slaves. That day she not only lost her liberty and her home, but also her dignity and her childhood (Harvey, 41). Anna and the others were result in a ship and they spanned out of Senegal to Havana, Cuba to be sold as slaves. The Havana Market was the middle of commerce of Spain's colonies in America (Schafer, 23). Anna arrived in Florida in 1806. She was thirteen years old. Zephaniah Kinglsey Jr has been also a citizen of Spanish East Florida. He had been born in England, but raised in Charleston, South Carolina. His father, a merchant, moved his family to Nova Scotia since he had been banished from South Carolina for giving support to King George III in the time of the American Revolution. In 1808, Kinglsey moved to Florida, where he vowed his fidelity to Spain and imported slaves on his farm (Schafer, 21). Once bought, Kingsley boarded Anna on the ship Esther and they drifted into Laurel Grove Plantation north and on the west of the St. Johns River. This could be her new residence. She didn't stay in the slave quarters, but she did stay in his two-story home. He considered her as his wife and that she was carrying his child. A couple of months before Anna gave birth; she became the director of Kingsley's home situated at Laurel Grove. Most of the servant's arrived from East and West Africa. The farm consisted of corn, cotton, mandarin oranges, sugarcane, potatoes and beans. According to Kinglsey "color ought not possibly be the badge of degrading," just the differentiation ought to be between free and slaves, not between white and colored (Schafer, 32). Anna and Zephaniah were open about their connection. She had been the head wife or girl in a polygamous home. One March 4, 1811 following five decades of enslavement, Anna was emancipated with her husband. She was a free woman again. In 181...

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