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Essay about The Demand For Civil Disobedience

To grasp the meaning of Civil Disobedience an individual would have to say it means the refusal to comply with the civil laws so that the government can change the policy or laws, characterized by the usage of. I have read Thoreau's essay on civil disobedience and the obligation your thoughts follows and in reading this it says that individuals must not let the authorities violate or atrophy their consciences and we as people are bound to not allow the authorities to make them agents of any type of injustice. (Thoreau, 1849) Thoreau had allot of versions of what people went with slavery and what he thought about civil disobedience. Civil Disobedience is wrong in so many ways. Thoreau describes it as being among the most influential political tracts he has ever written. (McElroy, 1999) Thoreau who many have called a great writer, philosopher, poet, in addition to a practical guy, has instructed in a way that a he'd allow himself to practice. (Gandhi, 1979) Thoreau also said that civil disobedience is something that your conscious follows it is the difference between wrong and right, and what exactly you are morally obligated to do. Civil Disobedience In this article activists converged on a state liquor store on August 20, 2010 to redress grievances concerning the insanity of prohibition. Pointing out the irony of the state controlling the best to buy liquor and marijuana in the nation. (Outreach, 2010) They're protesting at a nonviolent manner because people should be able to buy liquor and they legalize that, however they won't legalize medicinal marijuana. When the people need this drug for their wellness; the main issue is they have this liquor shop right on the highway that allows...

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