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Essay on The Emergence of Photojournalism

As with everything in life, there's always a beginning and photojournalism. Without photojournalist, people not directly linked to situations, would have never experienced the frontlines of war, the Great Depression, or even the inhumanities of abortion. Photographically assessing history is a means to examine what once was and to forge ahead toward what's going to be. From the turn of this century arrival, the professionals that have shaped and continue to form; its own "Golden Era," to its present day modern identity; photojournalism nonetheless proceeds. Photojournalism hit the world's point from the early 19th century. In accordance with Dillon Westbrook who writes for Photography_Schools. Com, the British were using a form of this box camera to capture the movement of soldiers. The first recognized photojournalist was Romanian born, Carol Szathmari. He photographed the Crimean War from 1853-1856. "Szathmari's newsworthy photos were exhibited in Western galleries to the world to look at and were afterwards copied in limited amounts and distributed globally" (Wanke). Yet most information available points to the early 1920's as being the suitable beginning for modern photojournalism. Instructor Ross Collins of North Dakota State University, states that "modern photojournalism happened in 1925, in Germany. The episode was the creation of their first 35 mm camera, the Leica. It was created as a means to use surplus movie film, then shot in the 35 mm format" (Collins). Instructor Collins also contains that prior to the Leica, camera equipment was hard to transport due to bulk and the necessary lighting equipment. He asserts also that Germany also receives due credit for the very first photojournalism magazine. Based on Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History, "...

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