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Essay Career as Line Installers

Synopsis:- • Introduction • Tasks • Qualifications • Other necessary skills • Work Set • Job Opportunities • Remuneration • Job Progress • Employment forecast Introduction:- Career as line installer and repairers is a challenging career, since the line installers and repairers will need to work in all the seasons, irrespective of the weather conditions. The line installers and repairers are often called online erectors. The main task of the line installers and repairers is to fix the telecommunication and electrical lines and wires which are used for transmission of data, voice, audio and images. The need to put in the electrical and telecommunication lines in various areas arises many a times. A lot of people complain of power loss or telephone line disconnection. Therefore, the line installer and repairers play an essential part in solving such problems. Tasks:- Career as line installers and repairers is a demanding profession, were fundamental technical knowledge is necessary to execute the work. The tasks they carry out are as follows: • The line installers and repairers work on vast networks of wires and wires that help in data transmission, graphics audios and videos. • Electrical power installers and repairers install and maintain the system that consists the power lines which are transmitted from the generators to the clients • Line installers need to build new lines by erecting new poles, towers, or digging to install telephone lines and cables • They have to use tools like plows, trenches, digger derricks, and borers • When the workers work on poles or towers, they use the truck-mounted buckets to get themselves at the top of the tower. • They also use ladders and climb the poles to repair the cables,...

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