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Marginalization of Women Throughout the Cold War Essay

In the peak of the Cold War in 1959, Vice President Richard M. Nixon visited the Soviet Union to share political ideology together with Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev. In what was labeled the "kitchen debate," Nixon presented Khrushchev having an American "model home" that highlighted the merits of capitalism to a global audience. But while the politicians entered the kitchen that was snobby, Nixon chose a step further. Instead of keeping the attention on economic techniques, the Vice President turned the discourse to the two countries' construction of gender roles. While taking a look at a classic dishwasher, Nixon stated, "That is our newest modelIn America, we like to make life easier for women that I think that this attitude towards women is worldwide. What we want to do, will make life more easy because of our housewives" ( While the accessibility of consumer goods that reduced labour for homemakers was an achievement of American capitalism, '' Nixon's remarks encouraged a new American vision of the household. The standard household in Cold War culture, which comprised men as breadwinners and women as homemakers, was now an important part of the American Dream. By talking to girls as "housewives," Nixon effectively reinforced the pervading sentiment that women could not just be homemakers in a financially booming capitalist society, but that it was also expected of them. As these expectations became fully engrained into the mainstream, sex roles became increasingly rigid, which discouraged many women from believing specialist careers, let alone chase them. Since the Cold War era prompted Americans to find refuge in the standard household, women were expected to function within the frame of the house and at resul...

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