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Dead Men's Path by Chinua Achebe Essay Illustration

"Dead Men's Path" by Chinua Achebe inside this brief story "Dead Men's Trail," Chinua Achebe gives the protagonist a fascinating opportunity to fulfill his fantasy. Michael Obi was mended formally headmaster of Ndume Central School, which was in every way. He needed to turn the school into a progressive one, however the faculty received a poor report once the manager came to scrutinize. Why did the school get a dreadful report and Obi couldn't become a glorious headmaster even though he put his whole life into it? To be able to find out the answer, we have to analyze Michael Obi's character and also the function that made the supervisor to write an airier outcome. Michael Obi has been a secondary school teacher. "The Ndume Central School had always been an unprogressive, so the assignment authorities made a decision to send a young and energetic person to run it" (331). Obi was a juvenile and a jaunty man. Within Obi's assurance, the reader could see his passionate desire. "He had many terrific ideas and this had been an opportunity to put them into practice" (331). With this golden opportunity he wished to show other people how a school should be run. Obi desired "his associates to give their energy and time to the faculty" (331) since they weren't married. He and his wife were extremely excited to make use of the faculty. They had made a plan to produce the school contemporary and beautiful. Even though Obi accepted his responsibility with excitement, he couldn't come to be a excellent principal. Why? There should be some.

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