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Essay on Alice Walker's The Color Purple

Alice Walker's The Color Purple Alice Walkers 'The colour purple' was mostly based at a black neighborhood in the deep south of America, in between the end of the nineteenth century and the Second World War. It has been described as a rendition of her own life, thus far, I am none the wiser. Near the end of the nineteenth century, slavery had long been abolished in America, but old habits die hard, especially in the deep south of America-where barely any politicians would place foot, the black community was plagued with the white man's retained mannerism, although the black community had won a civil rights campaign to be considered equivalent to the white man, to a lot of people the civil rights act was of no consequence, the black community to them was still as it had always been, it has to be quite difficult to modify a concept that has been with you during your entire life. In correspondence 10 we see that this retained mentality rearing its ugly head, 'He say, Girl you want cloth or not' here the white shopkeeper contemptuously refers to Pauline's mother as 'Girl', a reminder that civil rights cannot change the mentality of some people. It is interesting also to notice , that in response to this, Pauline's mother answers quite kindly and unshaken to the shopkeeper-'Yes ', in reply to what's just been said to her, this is a very polite reply, it demonstrates that the black persons mentality was supposed to accept their social status, not to challenge or retaliate against it. This mutual agreement between both races was formed presumably by years of aggression and violence if any member of the black community was to hit back at the white man for demeaning him, it was accepted, not accepted in the sense that the black man was ha...

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