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Article on Technological Dependency

Considering that the new century, technology is now the focal point of the society. We're continually attempting to push barriers of technologies with the intention of making our lives easier. Shattering these barriers have revolutionized our lifestyle. It's changed the convention methods of communicating, and created ways for us to be efficient in conclusion of tasks-from cleaning our house to the production of skyscrapers. One of the wonderful debates of technologies is that technology has changed the way we reason and act, for good or for evil? Technology has provided us the ability to achieve heights which were only dreamed of in the last century, it is actually changing the way we think and get things, whether it's in our education, our job or our interaction. Nothing comes without a tradeoff; we've become so intoxicated by the beauty of technologies to the point that we have given our liberty. Our dependence on technology has caused to be abusers of it forces, and we no longer contemplate on our repercussions of our activities. In a recent interview with Clive Thompson, the author of “smarter than you think,” about how technology affects, he clarifies that although he insists technology has slowed to the point where we've become distracted by it. Nevertheless, according to his study, technology has also given us the ability to “express our ideas tremendously with people” (TechCrunch). Thompson also asserts that although we fear when new technology is made, we adapt over time making us smarter. All this technology is made so that understanding and learning could be made easier, but it appears that we no longer learning instead merely having fun. Among the biggest manifestation of our supposed “increased” smart was in a current relea...

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