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Writer on Hippolytus vs. Pentheus

Hippolytus vs. Pentheus When arguing the announcement, the personality of Pentheus from the Bacchae is depicted as earning his destiny, whereas the character of Hippolytus in the Hippolytus is depicted as an innocent victim of their god, I have to both, agree and disagree with it. I'd certainly agree with it on a shallow perspective, but would need to disagree with it on dissecting both stories. The stories tell of Hippolytus being killed for something he did not do, while Pentheus was killed for not accepting that the god Dionysus. However, while you look deep into the significance of every narrative, the apparent black and white assumptions of innocents and remorse change out of definitive to doubt to say the very least. When reading the story of Hippolytus, it would be quite easy to tag him as an innocent victim. His step mother, Phaedra falls for him, while he boosts celibacy. Rather than being praised for the belief his step mom, who commits suicide was discovered with a note framing him, telling of his passion for her. Upon reading the note, Theseus, his father banishes him and prays to Posiedon to kill him. As Hippolytus leaves, he prays to Zeus to strike him dead if he's sinned and then a wave controlled by Posiedon strikes him, almost rendering him dead. Artemis then tells everyone of his innocence, but Hippolytus ends up dying anyway. This can look to be quite a open and shut case for him being an innocent victim, but when you consider Hippolytus throughout the story, I tend to think that he was not as innocent as he was forced out to be. Sure he never had been infatuated with Phaedra, but he may have just been a victim of their own pride. Earlier in the story, he is cautioned not to only devote all his time to worshipping the goddess Artemis, however to...

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