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Lies, Relationships, and Characters in Miller's The Crucible Essay

The relationship between John Proctor and Abigail is not an appropriate relationship. Their relationship is built on concealing secrets from different folks keeping each other hidden from different folks. The lies that they discuss are not good ones they are lies that could destroy their own lives. But for a brief amount of time not one of the matter to them. Following an elongated period of time Elizabeth Proctor began to suspect that something was going on between the two which shouldn't be going on between them. With each action it's some kind of a impact on others (Schroeder). Her suspicions were right they definitely needed something going on that they shouldn't have had moving on. Everybody understood that John Proctor was a married man with a family. Move forward in a brand new destination in the embarrassment for renewed assurance (Moss). John had committed an affair. Abigail was too young to participate in that kind of situation. But her being too young did not have a thing to do with this since both of them were in the wrong. Both of these should have been punished because of their activities there was no excuse for what they had did it wasn't acceptable at all. It was surprising to Elizabeth she was devastated. She had been heartbroken she never thought that could happen to her in a million years. John tried to gain her trust back I have been closely in the home for the last several months because she's left (Lahr). The admiration that Elizabeth had because of her husband she dropped it all. The hope she had because of her husband wasn't the same afterwards. She felt just like everything he said and told her was not the reality. She'd trust issues then. She felt like her family was torn apart that her life could never be the same after. After all the lies and heart break. But that should.

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