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Essay about The Goodness and Immorality of John Proctor at Miller's The Crucible

There are many sides to John Proctor and they occur at various phases of the drama, John is a complex personality and is well respected although he has done wrong things. Arthur Miller was in precisely the identical position as John Proctor at 1956-57 since he refused to provide names of individuals he saw at communist meetings. There has been the identical trial system. In case you confessed you'd remain alive assuming you'd turned in the Nordic meetings, however should you denied that you had been viewed at communist meeting you would have been heralded since there would be no proof to show you weren't there. You have the impression that the character of John Proctor was founded on the real life nature of Miller. When John Proctor is first introduced in the play there's a paragraph describing him, and studying this you learn a lot about his character, what others think about him, whatever he thinks of himself, and the way he behaves towards people. 'He had been the kind of guy -- powerful of body, even tempered and not easily directed.' This quotation is very straightforward and you know that he is fair-minded. Following this quotation you believe he sounds like a good man and a rule-follower; nevertheless you then get to the line ' he is a sinner, a sinner not only contrary to the moral style of the time but contrary to his own vision of adequate behavior'. This is the point at which you begin to think; what could he have done to become a sinner? Can it be a sin in the eyes of god, his own family and friends, the law? The description informs us that Proctor was admired so much he was also worried. This is proved when John Proctor enters from the doorway and Mary Warren 'leaps in fright'. Mary Warren is your servant girl of John Proctor but after a couple of lines that you realise that she is not a very great...

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