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Irony of Little Trifles Essay

Irony of Small Trifles In the play Trifles, Glaspell reveals two primary points. That's the way the men have the use of being the mind of what and the way the women don't get as fairly treated and are just house maids into the men. She characterizes the guys rather than giving the women the credit they deserve for their hard labors each and everyday. The sheriff, attorney, and neighboring farmer assist prove how in the past men were entirely superior to girls. By showing both of these things it makes us feel more sympathetic to your women because of how they're handled. The girls always have to go along with what the men tell them when they disagree. Since the men are distinguished from the girls, the women form their own alliance since they feel empathy for one another. The women and men have seemed to of taken sides against each other. And by the guys constantly hassling the women about their trifles , they're in fact working since the girls opt not to provide them the information needed to solve the instance. The first view that Glaspell provides in Trifles is the guys are much higher or superior than the girls. The men in Trifles reveal the expected character as we would hear about previously before women had the rights they do today. The lawyer displays this past male figure the very best. He's constantly looking back on the women. For instance, in the start he states “This feels good. Come around the flame, ladies.” (1249) This reveals how he feels the need to inform or let the women to come to the flame as if they're unable to do it on their own. He also shows this when he says, “Here’s a fine mess.” (1250) thinking concerning the house and then states “Dirty towels! Not much of a housekeeper, do you state, ladies?” (1251) This illustrates how he expects the girls to take good care of the house and that it must always be pristine. Now in the narrative the attorney gets into an argument with all the ladies who attempt to defend Mrs. Wright. They prove their purpose in that it isn't appropriate for a guy to come into a home and complain about the wreck when Mrs. Wright did not have the time to clean it. The sheriff also exhibits this hierarchy of men over women. He follows what the lawyer says “I suppose anything Mrs. Peters does’ll be all right.” (1251) demonstrating that there's not much as harm she could perform with this part of the house as if she's.

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