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The Tragedy of Mileva Maric Einstein - Einstein's First Wife Essay example

The Tragedy of Mileva Maric Einstein - Einstein's First Wife A hundred years ago, a young married couple sat at a kitchen table talking over the items of the afternoon while their young boy sat listening . He had heard the debate nightly, and while there were no raised voices, their discussion was extreme. It was a matter about which his parents were passionate - the electrodynamics of moving bodies in the world. The couple were of equal intelligence and fortitude, working together on a concept that few people are able to comprehend even to this day. Mileva Maric Einstein has been considered to be the intellectual equivalent of her husband Albert, but somehow went unrecognized for her gifts to the 1905 Papers, which included the Special Theory of Relativity. The more powerful power of these two bodies could be propelled to the writings of scientific background, while the other would be left to die alone, virtually unknown. Mrs. Einstein has been robbed. She needed to be known for at least a collaborative endeavor, however, it was not to be. The role which society had accorded her plain, poor fortune would prove to be responsible for the life of the great mathematician and scientist, gone unnoticed. Mileva "was created in Hungary in 1875, with a hip deformity and a good head" (Storey 31). Although women did not usually pursue mathematics degrees, she had won top marks in her course for math and physics, and was sent on to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich the exact same year as Einstein (Grenier B05). She was among five in their own class; Mileva and Albert equally technical in theoretical physics. Mileva attended courses and required notes to both of these. They analyzed for each course together. If they were apart, they wrote co.. .

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