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Experiences In A Society From Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Composing

Love, Greed, and the Truth Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams is a drama about the experiences in society. Among these encounters is death, communication, and honesty among men. Big Daddy has everything he needs. Brick got everything that he wanted as a kid. However Big Daddy learns later from Brick that there was not one worldly ownership that could meet Brick's yearning for love from his father. Brick understands that the world is really focused on money and physical possessions that he isolates himself out of this world. He wanted one thing from the entire world and his father, love. That is exactly why he does not need to have the cash, land, and blue chip stocks. He just needed Big Daddy to love him. Fear of Death is among the adventures in an society. Big Daddy talks just a tiny bit about exactly what he believed when it was suggested that he might have cancer. "A man can not buy back his life if his life is finished. That is a sobering thought, a very sobering thought, which is a thought I was turning over in my mind, over and over and above&before today." (Williams 65) He also goes on to discuss the burden of cancer being lifted. "I let many opportunities slide because of scruples concerning it, scruples, conference& crapAll that material is bull, bull, bull! &It took the darkness of death to allow me to view it. Now that shadow is lifted, I'm likely to cut loose and have, what exactly is it that they call it, have me a &b.. .

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