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The Girls in Dracula Essay

The Women of Dracula Through the novel Dracula, the writer, Bram Stoker, explains many distinct facets of women's functions in the 19th century. Since this novel was published many movies have been created according to Stoker's story line. Nosferatu, a quiet film, depicts the ladies of the story, besides Mina, as characters that are minimal. The film Dracula, filmed in the 1930's, remains very true to the novel, with only minor changes to the characters and plot. All three of these works depict the same girls otherwise, thus altering the entire literary artistic nature of each piece. Mina is the major female character from the novel Dracula. She is the standard Victorian woman - caring, compassionate and completely dedicated in their loved ones (To Your Life of the Victorian Girls). She's Jonathan Harker's fiancГ©e and afterwards wife, and can be faithful to him during the whole novel. When Jonathan first meets Dracula, he's very sick. Mina quickly runs to his help. She becomes completely absorbed in figuring out why her husband is so horribly sick. She's intensely dedicated to him and does not give up till Jonathan is nursed back to good health. From the novel, following Dracula pursues and kills her very best friend Lucy, she joins the group of men which are trying to put an end to him. Dracula starts chasing Mina, and decides to make her his servant. When Dr. Seward saw Mina following her experience with Dracula, he had been very worried, saying, "When Mrs. Harker came in to see me that afternoon she was not the same; it was like tea after the teapot was watered" (Stoker 240). The search party makes the decision to keep Mina out of the group, therefore Dracula cannot read her mind and figure out their plan. Mina, putting the research party before he...

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