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To what extent was that the election of Abraham Lincoln the primary reason for the secession of South Carolina?

To what extent has been the election of Abraham Lincoln the primary reason for the secession of South Carolina? I will find out more about the events leading up to the election of 1860, and South Carolina's views leading up to the election. In my evaluation, I will research the similarities and differences between the perspectives and motives of Abraham Lincoln about South Carolina throughout the right time of this election in November 1860 and the secession in December 1860. My investigation will also incorporate other variables of why South Carolina seceded from the union. For my study, I'll use reputable sites on the topic and main documents such as quotes, journals, and settlements in the South Carolina General Assembly composed in 1850-1860. Part B: Summary of Proof Prior to Abraham Lincoln became president, the South Carolina General Assembly was talking a way to avoid being governed under the United States Legislature. The Declaration of Secession came to effect in South Carolina on December 24, 1860; ten weeks later Lincoln became president in November. A letter composed by the General Assembly at 1859 in South Carolina reads as follows. "As the feeling of the General Assembly that the election of a black Republican into the Presidency of the United States will soon be triumph and functional application of the principles subversive of the confederation of the United States and incompatible with the serenity and safety of those southern countries." The General Assembly is saying that if Lincoln is to become president, the south will soon be set in danger economically. The south had been conscious that Lincoln was likely to abolish slavery and South Carolina wished to go right ahead and secede to escape the ending of their slaves as well as the destruction of their economy. Lin...

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