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Viola and Orsino in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Essay

Viola and Orsino in Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare In William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" there are several connections that develop during the play. Among the many characters whose interaction and misunderstanding turned into the crux of the plot, Viola and Orsino possess the most significant relationship. The way they interact with one another causes the intricate battle of the play, and as the conflict comes to be more complicated the 2 characters turn from strangers to friends and then to lovers. In the first Act Viola and Orsino's interaction is about the level of 2 strangers. From the beginning Viola is not fair with Orsino because she disguises herself as a male page named Cesario in order to get close to him. Orsino trusts Viola rapidly and sends Cesario to declare his love for Olivia, the object of his affection. This quick bond and trust for Cesario is your first example of the soon to develop connection. The mere fact that Orsino trusts Cesario together with his concept of love would be a transition from a stranger to a friend. In action two the complexity of the relationship is taken into an all-new degree. Olivia falls in love with the webpage Cesario; meaning Viola has landed himself in a tight spot between Orsino and Olivia. The recently developed love triangle is now apart of this connection between Orsino and Viola regardless of the fact that Orsino understands nothing but the façade Viola has handily blinded him with. In scene four of act two there is a very important interaction between Viola and Orsino. She tells him a romance about Cesario's sister the tales intention however is to pull his focus from Olivia. .

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