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CREATED ON 8th December 2017

Article on New Journalism and Truman Capote's Case

Literature--the dictionary defines it being the art of written functions that is designed to entertain, educate and instruct; authors use literature in an effort to move their thoughts from paper to the reader; for some, this task means bringing their story to another place and time that's wholly separate from what the reader could perceive as normal, to be able to serve the writer's intent. With this hopeless, becomes the probable, and also the worst panic maybe imagined becomes the breathed truth; without a stated separation between the dwelling, and the dying. The term literature in itself can't be accurately defined, and by attempting to do so limitations, the term is immediately constrained in its usage and effect. Literature is, as much as it is not. Using literature, the characters in what we read, become our closest friends and our many feared enemies; we see ourselves within the personalities and struggle to envision if we'd act in the same manner as the characters, or when we'd struggle to handle a situation otherwise. Easily, their faults become our own, and whatever catastrophe befalls them we could, with no difficulty, conceive happening to us. Literature, in all of its genres, has sought to induce us , entertained us, educated us and drove us to madness. It has functioned as life education, by using the characters as the lesson program, and we - the students. It's occasionally blunt, occasionally tragic, and in Truman Capote's situation, is occasionally so gruesome that we don't dare forget it. With the novels publication in the 1960s, a new genre known as 'New Journalism' had begun to surface; it sought to unite the components of journalism with the elements of fiction and in doing this it sought to challenge the viewers mo.. .

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