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Criminal justice Essay examples

Denzel Washington plays veteran L.A.P.D. Det. Sgt. Alonzo Harris. For ten years that this highly decorated cop has been on the front lines in the war against narcotics. He's vowed to protect and serve the taxpayers of Los Angeles, but his optimism concerning police work has long been chipped away from the reality of life on the roads. He and the tight-knit set of officers who report to him have crossed the line between legality and corruption. They find themselves breaking the laws they are supposed to apply. Alonzo's integrity and his logic are in full opposition to this "book" which many cops must follow. "It takes a thief to catch a thief," Hoyt is a young naive cop that is awarded twenty-four hours to train together with Harris. Before the day is done, the young cop is requested to choose drugs, accept drug money for a payoff, invent evidence, as well as commit murder. Before he knows it, he is so deep there appears to be no way out. Since Alonzo tells him "There is no justice, no law. Everything boils down to exactly what you can and can't prove." Alonzo’s abusiveness and carelessness turned into an issue and also the Police Chief orders him to visit a Psychologist concerning his behaviour. During the initial trip, the police department provided a copy of his private information file, which shows the typical schemata of someone with an antisocial personality disorder. He lacked a superego; he has little remorse for his abusive, impulse-driven and reckless behaviour. In addition, he saw himself as almost being superior and smarter than everybody else by planning the practice day with Hoyt, he believed this made him superior. He concealed his Los Angeles Police Department badge and broke the legislation that he had been supposed to enforce. Individuals with Anti-Social disorder think that when they're caught committing the crimeвЂ"their problem is becoming caught not committing the offense. The goal for the future is to become a criminal, rather than obeying the law. Through the movie his thought processes would include a few of these: 1. Rules are intended for others . Only fools follow all the rules 3. Rules are meant to be broken 4. Look out for #1 5. My pleasure comes 6. If others are hurt, offended, or even...

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