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Post on Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima "Victory was never in doubt. Its cost was. What was actually was whether there are any people left to perpetrate our cemetery at the end, or even if the final Marine would perish knocking out the last Japanese gunner," Major General Graves Erskine, devoting his 3rd Marine Division Peninsula in Iwo Jima just after the conflict. (Alexander 207) The sea invasion of Iwo Jima was and still is the largest of any in most of the years of the United States Marine Corps history. This intrusion was also the most catastrophic. More than 26,000 Marines lost their lives while when attempting to take over this tiny volcanic island. Pretty much all of the twenty-one million Japanese soldiers protecting the island had been killed just two thousand have been taken as prisoners. The rest were killed or missing. "Tokyo was only 650 miles on the North, less than three hours' flight time." (Alexander 208).) On February 23, 1945 seventy-two thousand Marines landed on the island of Iwo Jima with all their guns blazing. Dodging and weaving the heavy fire from the Japanese's m.g.s, they'd mounted in the jagged rocks. But that has been the least of the Marines worries they'd hefty 320mm mortars and strong rockets. As well as their wicked 25mm automated machine cannons. This was only the landing these Marines went into hell and back until it was all over. The landscape of Iwo Jima was hellish itself. From the big jagged volcanic mountains into the steamed it leaked that smelt including sulfur. The total area of the little hell is less than seven square miles. The island had several elements that would prefer the defender. The island had few beaches, which made it more difficult for enemies to invade and take over the island. Additionally it had a "lunar" similar to landscape with all du...

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