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Writer about Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte's, '' Jane Eyre, a story of an unfortunate you who's morals and self-respect continue to fluctuate as she evolves. Jane Eyre begins her life in the wrong place at the wrong moment. Throughout the novel, Jane endures love, hate and friendship, though adulthood allows her to forgive. Settings surrounding Jane's life alter her own thoughts of self-acceptance, her activities taken to discharge herself from certain settings have impact on her. In the first few chapters, Bronte determines Jane's character as a young girl who is the object of love out of her cousins and aunt. In Chapter Five, Jane encounters numerous problems with her cousin John. Following a confrontation, Mrs. Reed forces her into the Red-Room for punishment. Though, Jane resists that's unlike her, she is still placed in the Room. Jane recalls contents resting in a drawer in her aunts wardrobe, "[...] a miniature of her deceased spouse, in those last words lies in the key of the Red-Room - the spell which kept it so lonely despite its grandeur (Bronte, 3rd Ed. 2001 p.11)." The Red-Room becomes a symbolic part of this novel but also an important setting. The Red-Room is "[...] the largest and stateliest chambers in the mansion (p. 11)," the atmosphere of the room lingers a menacing and creepy tone. Jane's inferior position one of the Reed household is set by her punishment in the Red-Room. Jane explains her hatred towards the Reed's and shows no remorse for them. Soon after Jane's experiences in the Red-Room, Jane leaves to attend Lowood. As she leaves Gateshead, Jane feelings are filled with joy. The Lowood Institute aids in schooling impoverished and orphaned children, receives bulk of its funds through charity. Beginning...

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