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Carson McCullers' Dark Love Essay

Carson McCullers was a well-known writer who arrived from the South; she became famous overnight after she composed her first book: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. She wrote many distinct kinds of books during her life, with more than a dozen books and numerous essays, most of them often touched on the subject of love. Although she wrote about love, it was the typical type of love that you'd expect like romanticism, but rather, it was that the dark type of love (Source 4). Many critics may wonder why she decided to compose these gloomy and dark publications; it had been due to her love-struggling life which she endured. She met her husband, and got married then divorced. At this moment, she had been moving through too much pain in life. This is when she wrote her first novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, that gained her instantly fame one of the literature community. She often met new and interesting men and women in her life, which inspired her to write her novels in such a special way. After the death of her husband because of a suicidal act, her life was starting to crumble down. With health problems from her customs and inheritance, her life wasn't wel; this finally resulted in her death when she attained the age of fifty in 1967. At The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers depicted her characters similar to her personal life (Source 5), the more individuals that she fulfilled (Source 3), and her private feelings. "Lula Carson Smith (Carson McCullers) was born in Columbus, Georgia, the daughter of some well-to-do watchmaker and jeweler of French Huguenot extraction." (Source 1) Despite the fact that she came from a well-known family, she lived in a middle class environment. She did not even see her parents much inside her childhood because they were frequently drowned in the amount of workload pro...

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