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Essay on What They Carried

The Vietnam War was the crucial conflict that altered our "post modern" societal view of what war is really about. Tim O’Brien shows the brutal reality of war to our "post modern" society without even incorporating the propaganda and fluff our society has come to take. In our trying times now, Operation Iraqi freedom has allegedly come to a conclusion. With the amounts of embedded reporting, our society has been able to see conflicts as they happen. The news ran non stop policy on the war, where T.V. audiences were enthralled with scenes of battle. These broadcasts did not accurately depict the American casualties. The only real live broadcasts were pictures of U.S. soldiers were carrying out goals with little resistance from Iraqi forces. This propaganda makes it hard to realize the loss of U.S. soldiers in this latest conflict, so society cringes in the current estimated U.S. soldier death toll at around 100 casualties. Stories like O’Brien's are never said on CNN or MSNBC so as to please our culture's view of America being fine in war. This fluff must be eliminated and stories very similar to O’Brien's should be televised when our society wants to see the actual cost of war. It's better our society leaves the story telling to the soldiers that fought hand and not allow the media overrun and devalue wars however meaningless the conflict might seem. For the actual reporters are the guys pulling the trigger. Soldiers are responsible for fighting and dying for their country. Reporters are responsible for receiving the "story" out to the public. This is the route of the problem. In spite of embedded reporting, terrorists don't have any means of being able to state exactly what it feels like to end the life span of a.

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