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The Shade Of Water by James Mc Bride Essay

"Black Power", the term alone increases plenty of controversial problems. Black power proved to be a civil rights movement led to the black panthers which addressed several issues such as segregation and racism. Black power had a different meaning to each member of the Mc Bride family, Ruth and James both appeared at black electricity from another angle. In "The Color of Water", The author James Mc Bride admired the black panthers initially, but gradually he grew fearful of them after fearing the consequences his mother might face for being a white woman in a black community affected by black power. James' worries were baseless, black power's purpose was to educate and enhance African American communities to not create havoc or to harm members of the white community. There was a time in James' life when he had been thrilled to see member's of the black panther. James' states "But our favorite was a gleaming black, souped-up GTO with the words "Black Power" written in sleek white script across the hood and high"(26). James admired the proprietor of the vehicle, He desired black civilization to be carried out and he seemingly loved "dap", the black panther's handshake. The media assured their viewers that the black panthers were a threat to whites anywhere ,Which planted a seed of fear in James' mind. James was so afraid he wouldn't be able to sleep till his mother was home(33). James would sometimes find himself in circumstances where people would call his mother names for no apparent reason other than.

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