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CREATED ON 7th December 2017

Teachings of Life Through the River Library

My dad was always a man of boundless knowledge for people willing to hear. Unbeknownst to him, his understanding goes beyond what he has to teach. By way of instance, when asked the way to clean a fish, he goes through the procedure in terrific detail. From where the incision is made to de-scaling the fish, he'd always highlight the maintenance, attention to the smallest detail. With each lesson, the majority of his teachings reveal how no matter how long the job, any person will always have sufficient time to complete what they set out to do. As with most facets of life the exact fundamentals apply. The most memorable moment of my life had been my father's ecstatic look once I said I'd really like to learn how to fly fish. When camping for a child of eight years old, my parentshusband, our two dogs and I'd opt for a rise. Throughout most hikes, we'd trek near a little creek or tributary, my father would take off, on his very own, to fly fish. I could just stand in amazement as the fly line's arc, still moist, would glisten over my father's mind during every cast. I was not of age to understand the art really yet. My mother would grab the back of my top and then drag me back into the hiking trail for fear of me falling in. With each time she pulled me back, I would dig my heels into the ground and flail my arms violently to attempt to loosen her grasp. All I wanted to do is watch and contemplate in my dad's love and splendor for fly fishing. The day finally came when I was old to learn the art of fly fishing. At the age of twelve or so, he popped the question, "do you need to understand how to fly fish" and the heavy gates raised. To me, figuring out how to fly fish could eventually bring me that one step nearer into the same graces of manhood in which my father already stood, patience,.

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