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Kurt Vonnegut as Social Critic Essay

Kurt Vonnegut as Social Critic People who write on the condition tend to be philosophers who compose with elaborate language that few could comprehend. Kurt Vonnegut, however, targets the very same inquiries, and provides their own personal answers with just as much depth as that of their must educated philosopher. He averts stilted language standard of philosophers, using shorter sentences, less complicated vocabulary, funny tangents, and bizarre tales to get his point across. With this design, Vonnegut introduces that the age-old question "Just how can we as humans reside in this planet?" In a manner appealing and understandable to the less educated mass. When supplying advice to authors about how best to compose, Vonnegut said, "Our crowd needs us to be sympathetic and patient teachers ever ready to simplify and clarify, whereas we would rather soar high above the crowd, singing such as nightingales" (Palm Sunday p. 71). Vonnegut does not attempt to enthrall the read with eloquent language. Instead, he puts his point across, asking the reader to consider his ideas, and that is what actually matters simply because writing is merely a way of expressing ideas. By writing books which may be read, Kurt Vonnegut makes constructive criticism of human society available to everybody. One of Vonnegut's main topics focuses on possibly the best atrocity man commits- warfare. As a World War II survivor and witness of the Dresden firebombing, Vonnegut uses his books to question this destructive procedure. It makes little sense that we ought to kill one another and destroy the earth because of hate, land, or any of the other causes of war. Vonnegut directs our attention to the huge numbers of men and women who so inhumanely lose their own lives to war. Does this create sen.. .

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