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CREATED ON 7th December 2017

An Adaptive Learning Model for teaching Mathematics to Disaffected Youth Who'd qualify to sit the NAPLAN Year 9 Numeracy Test

1. Introduction Many pupils because of poor comprehension, lack the expertise and confidence to apply their math classroom knowledge and understanding to their everyday problem solving scenarios. In addition they have a bad attitude towards mathematics learning and its usefulness. I believe the standard process of teaching math which over-emphasises: memorization of formulae and procedure, usage of algorithm that the solving of only routine classroom issues contributes to this lack of confidence and attitude. I believe this so as to enhance student confidence and mindset we must change our classroom accent. We have to focus more on teaching mathematical thinking (that the practice of having the ability to analyse quantitative information and appropriately apply concepts and procedures in solving the novel as well as the regular problem), and on students gaining the knowledge and comprehension of knowing in a problem solving scenario: what to do how to do it and why they are doing it ( e.g. why they are thinking, feeling or behaving the way that they are) so students may be more effective in applying their classroom knowledge and understanding not just inside the classroom setting, but in their own regular out of class problem-solving situations. Without this success students will be disadvantaged if they begin to go into the work force, there will be restricted jobs available to them. They will discover that math is the language and foundation stone for commerce, all of the sciences, engineering and design work. This lack of expertise, understanding and confidence has far reaching consequences, as a nation which has a significant mathematically illiterate population deprives itself...

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