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CREATED ON 7th December 2017

The Drawbacks of Charlie's Operation in Plants for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

Was Charlie better away without the procedure? Through Bouquets for Algernon, Daniel Keyes transmits an essential message to culture that man shouldn't tamper with human cleverness if not the outcome could be individually devastating. After Charlie's procedure, he sensed lonesome and isolated, change in personality produced him edgy around people or (lack cultural skills), and experienced from traumas because of past memories. It's.. First of all, Charlie's realizes that his co-workers aren't his accurate friends after all. When Joe Carp and Frank Reilly consider him to a homely home party, they made him obtain drunk and began laughing at just how he was carrying out the dancing steps. Joe Carp says, "I ain't laughed so much since we sent him nearby to see if it had been raining that night we ditched him at Halloran's" (41), Charlie recalls his past memory of him being it rather than finding his friends who also ditched him and immediately realizes that Joe Carp was associated with the same situation. Charlie experienced ashamed and back-stabbed when he noticed that he previously no close friends and that his co-employees use to possess him around because of their pure entertainment. It's following the operation, that he realizes he does not have any real close friends, and in result seems lonely. Up coming, Charlie unwillingly acquired to leave his work from the bakery where he worked well for a lot more than fifteen years. Mr. Donner treated him as his boy and took treatment of him, but even he previously noticed a unique behavior in Charlie, lately. Mr. Donner said hesitatingly, "But something happened for you, and I hardly understand what this means... Charlie, I got eventually to let you proceed" (104), Charlie couldn't believe it and held denying the actual fact that he previously been fired. The bakery and all of the employees within it were his family members, and the boost of intelligence had.

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