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Article on STEM Education in the USA

Science education has become a controversial issue among employers and schools for many years. Employers are requesting more STEM graduates nonetheless the schools cannot keep up with the rising requirement. Unemployment rates continue to go up while places at today's science, engineering, and engineering fields have remained receptive and unfulfilled. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education is vital to the place of the USA from the world standings in STEM research and layout. Presently 3 of the five best places in STEM research are held by most Asian countries and regrettably the United States does not even fall into the top 10 for its listing. There was once a time when the United States led the world in STEM research, but times have changed and now the United States is tracking many different nations in scientific innovation. Most U.S. citizens don't know about the present condition of this STEM education system and they frequently brag about statuses that the United States no more hold. Educators and businesses are teaming up to increase STEM interest in school-aged kids and teens. It's their hope that their efforts will increase the total amount of high school graduates entering degree seeking apps from the STEM fields. Some efforts are outlined within this paper along with their successes and failures. The requirement for STEM graduates is staggering, but with only six percentage (AUVIS Foundation) of high school graduates entering and finishing bachelor's degrees in the STEM areas, the demand is not being fulfilled. The amount of positions starting in STEM areas has been increasing fast since 1982 but the United States continues to graduate exactly the identical amount of STEM bachelor levels each year with much less Masters and PhDs. Currently the U....

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