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CREATED ON 6th December 2017

Article on Technology Opportunities in The Trucking Industry

This paper is written to notify you about three technologies opportunities which will make a positive effect on transportation. These opportunities will cause more efficient transportation now and later on. The first technological possibility discussed is Truck Design; the layout of the truck can make a difference in fuel price. The second technological chance discussed is a Speed Enforcement System; this really is a device in trucks that limits the speed it can travel. The final technological opportunity discussed is using cloud computing; this is where software and information is shared on multiple devices. By the end of the paper you will know what good things can come from these three new technologies and how they impact a business for the greater. The plan of a vehicle can have a big impact on gas efficiency. When a truck cuts down on wind resistance it takes less energy in order for it to proceed in the future. When the miles per gallon are improved a corporation can transfer items in a lower price. The locations that trucking companies can improve on to make their trucks more effective would be the actual look of the trailer, the plan of this engine, and the design of the cab. When designing the trailer designers need to put together thoughts that will decrease drag. Adding additions like skirts to the fuel tanks and extenders to get rid of the difference between the truck and trailer make it so atmosphere doesn't have any room to slow down the vehicle. When the framework of these trucks is curved they catch less air than the conventional boxy alternatives. ВЂњThese aerodynamic attributes can save up to 28 million gallons of fuel per year for the largest fleets (Graham, 2011). ВЂќ With better and new versions of engines, trucks can now buy better fuel e.. .

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