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A Tale Of Two Cities and The Dark Knight Rises Essay

"It was the worst of all times it was the best of times." (book). In the novel A Tale Of 2 Cities innocents were murdered, abused and imprisoned. This book needed a hero and a bad man. The hero was Sydney Carton and the undesirable people were probably the revolutionaries, Madame Defarge and Monsieur Defarge. In the film The Dark Knight Rises innocents, were also killed but in a number of distinct ways. In this picture, the bad man was Bane along with his accomplices, and the hero was Batman. In the book A Tale Of Two Cities the manners which they'd kill people were that they'd behead them and they would hang them or they would let them rot in prison. Most of the folks that were murdered were innocents or they were people which were in the way of them attempting to take down the city. In the novel the main character, Charles Darnay was arrested and was falsely accused of treason and being an illegal alien. Madame Defarge was carrying her anger out on the entire family in which she believed had murdered her sister. So Madame Defarge was going after all of the Marquis no matter when they had anything to do with t.. .

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Drone Write a reflective account outlining an example of how you will have, or could have, employed a person centred procedure in a very sensitive or complicated situation. The account need to contain a information of how person centred values were or perhaps could be put into practice in the situation. Suggested word rely: 350 – 500 words and phrases Whilst your shift in a residential residence, I started to be acquainted with a great elderly lady in her eighties.The lady had been..
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