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The Nature of Evil in Shakespeare's Macbeth Essay

Macbeth: The Nature Of Evil In Macbeth, the character of Macbeth has a. firm and correct grasp of self-knowledge, and also a well developed concept of the world and his place within it. He willfully disregards his own ethical ideas and associations. Based on Bernard McElroy, "over any other Shakespearean hero, he [Macbeth] has a perfectly clear concept of who he is and where he stands - and it is precisely this perception which torments and spiritually destroys him"(330). Macbeth is closely impelled to wicked but he also abhors bad. It's this which causes Macbeth to abhor himself. The play explores the tensions between Macbeth's proneness to evil and his abhorrence to wicked. Macbeth is a tragic hero because he becomes trapped in tensions involving his criminal actions and the reaction of his conscience. Had Macbeth dedicated the deeds with no remorse, he would have been simply an evil creature, with no hope. Nonetheless, it is his conscience concerning bad that makes him tragic. During Macbeth's activities, Shakespeare is able to portray the nature of evil as being: lusftul, misleading, unkind, and preoccupied to household. To begin, Macbeth himself stands as a symbol for Satan's sin of ambition. Just like Satan, Macbeth's insatiable lust for power and ambition drives him to perpetrate evil. Although Macbeth's ambitiousness isn't in itself evil: "His quite powerful social sense, worldly however valuable, together with this gift of imaginative expression whereby he far outshines all the other, makes him naturally and rightly desirous of winning 'Golden Remarks from all sorts of people' [I.vii.33]" (Elliot, 288). But, Shakespeare claims that Macbeth knows his place in nature, and can be overly ambitious according to Calvinist doctrine.

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