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Essay on Imperfect Comic Resolution at The Tempest

Imperfect Comic Resolution in The Tempest The Tempest is one of Shakespeare's late comedies, in which the normal comic conventions are blended with darker elements of tragedy. Among the ways this manifests itself is in the imperfect conclusion of the play. Although comic traditions such as marriage and the restoration of order are followed, not every character has been disposed of perfectly. The character whom this is quite evident is Antonio. Although Prospero forgives him for his removal of Prospero out of Milan, and does not reveal his plot to kill Alonso, we have no signs that Antonio repents of his activities. In the banquet scene that causes Alonso to repent, really, drives him insanity, Antonio's conscience is seemingly unaffected. His only line after the harpy's appearance - "I'll be thy second" - implies that he will follow Alonso and aid him in suicide. In the concluding scene of the play, Antonio says virtually nothing , even if Prospero promises to not give him Sebastian off to Alonso. This seems to indicate that he does not share in the general mood of repentance and reconciliation, especially as his sole line is a sarcastic remark about Caliban. This is so reminiscent of his earlier bantering with Sebastian that it seems a statement that he has not changed. It seems that Antonio isn't a character who can be brought to repentance. However, it has to be questioned whether this is a result of the innate imperfection of his nature - which should be noble, having been inherited from a "good womb" - or whether it is by choice he embraces evil. When considering Antonio, Sebastian cannot be forgotten. He's a foil for Antonio, and in danger of being led by Anto...

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