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Womens Roles Essay

In ancient India, women occupied an essential position, a superior position to men. To understand the position of women in Hinduism, we have to recognize the Hindu scriptures guidelines into some female's standing in Hindu society, but fail to address some roles of a Hindu woman particularly. This vague generalization of a female's part in the religious spectrum leaves open interpretation for the girl. Conflict arises when girls are criticized by guys, for the way that they translate the guidelines. Critically, we begin with the Hindu scriptures, because it is the heart and origin of the cultural norms which can be perceived as a reflection of the senses of their way of life. Scriptures of Hinduism hold the maximum authority towards girls roles and more importantly their obedience to their husbands. Legislation enforced by the community; demonstrates the husband's absolute power over his wife. Regardless of the fact that the most powerful gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion are women, women in the society are expected to fill subservient roles to men. In this paper I shall talk about the cultural and spiritual detach, answering the question why girls are designed to be obedient in spite of the spiritual hierarchy and why women are still subservient. These pivotal elements of obedience rose from a patriarchal society which deems women as subservient function. If Hindu scriptures could be perceived as the highest authority, what are the scriptures views on the position of women? The scripture states that although there are no spiritual differences of men and women, there are also no spiritual differences of men and women. Women have the identical religious and spiritual freedoms in Hinduism as men. However, the status of women has ever been influenced by other.

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