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The Dark and Twisted Joyce Carol Oates Revealed Essay

Back Ground: Joyce Carol Oates has been a real change in American Literature. She correlated many books that demonstrated political stances together with physical and psychological pain. (1) Joyce grew up in a rough neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan. It wasn't uncommon for her to behold mistreatment, abuse, and gang violence; particularly towards women. Detroit was a significant political city were women's rights were being fought. (2) Actual brawls broke out all over the city because of the uprising of girls who wanted the same rights as men. (2) This uprising has been known as the Feminist Rights Movement. Women were abused and held for men, they weren't even allowed to be apart of any work force or vote. (7) associations for women started to emerge all of america. (4) Joyce took experiences that she undertook and watched first hand and used them cleverly in her books. (3) She gathered her adventures in one of her most famous novels We Were the Mulvaney's. (5) This novel describes both physical and mental pain among all of the characters. Rape, death, abuse and how women were treated were all presented in this book. (5) Mrs. Mulvaney, the mother, always tended to her husbands needs, even if she disagreed with them. Mrs. Mulvaney had no say in any of the things that arose. She even sent away her own daughter to the greater of her husband. Joyce's peculiar inspirations lead many to feel that she was searching for some sort of coping mechanism or any one who would relate to what she's experienced in her life. (1) Her inspirations included Edger Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Williams Faulkner, and finally Flannery O’Conner. These writers wrote about the dark psychological feelings that arose with death . .

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