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Prejudice in Maycomb from the 1930's in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Prejudice in Maycomb from the 1930's in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The notable motif of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird is the portrait of bias, in a small southern American town called Maycomb in the 1930's. Maycomb is believed to be a replica, of the town Monroeville at which the author Harper Lee grew up. Her understanding of this society in Monroeville (Maycomb) enables her to strike the reader with more sway; she could depict her perspectives on discrimination and prejudice with stronger force and focus. She provides a realistic representation of people's attitudes in the Deep South in the 1930's. Slavery had been abolished in America following the civil war of 1861-5 this gave black people equal rights. However, their liberty made life harder for black individuals originally, white people (particularly in the south), found it hard to accept them as an equivalent in their own society, so they stayed segregated. This is shown in the novel, the black community has its own region of the town, on the outskirts, near the town ditch. They also have their very own church, First Purchase African M.E. Church compensated for by the first earnings from freed slaves. 'Negroes worshipped inside Sundays and white guys gambled inside on weekdays', this reveals blatant disrespect to the black community. This segregation can also be evident from the courthouse, white people sit in the court, where as the coloured people had to sit in the colored balcony, they were just permitted to go into the courtroom, even when every white person had gone in and taken their seats. Being in the middle of the economic depression of 1929, poverty swept the country, the white community saw black peop...

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